New Pants

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Child has decided to become obsessed by Spiderman. This may not strike you as being at all odd, afterall he is a four year old boy, however please take into account that he has never ever actually seen Spiderman. Ever.

However, his Best Friend at school likes him so now The Child does too, by proxy.

Catching me at one of my weaker moments whilst shopping yesterday he excitedly informed me that "We" simply must buy these Spiderman underpants he'd found. He then commenced, upon returning home, to model them to myself, The Husband and The baby and then to Nanna and Grandad.

He's awfully proud of his new pants.

So proud infact that not only has he wore then to school today but he's insistant that he's going to show them to his Teacher too. Oh dear. I hope it doesn't send her into premature labour.

I should imagine she won't be the only person he'll be flashing today.

I blame The Husband. Not for any special reason other then it can't possibly be my fault so it simply must be his Paternal Genes.

He's a bright wee lad though. That's from his Maternal Genes. Obviously.


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