The Babyisms.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Baby says the strangest of things for a 27 month old. Today's excerpts include amongst many others:

Nanna: "Shall I come round and see you tomorrow and we can go out?"
The Baby: "No. So Tough! I'm staying in."

Whilst setting up a game of "Pairs" she tells her dad, whilst referring to her brother:

"I'm not playing this with him because he's naughty when he plays it"

The husband offered to help her set it up to which she replied:

"I'm doing this, so don't help me."

It's not just her vocabulary, it's how she's so spontaneous with her speech and instigates conversations. She even has attitude. You can have entire conversations with you. She's very opinionated. Sometimes I have to remind myself she's The Baby. The Child at this age was only just stringing two or three words together maximum and only really spoke to label something or else fullfill or express a need/want, however by around 30 months you couldn't shut him up he chatted that much!


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