Sweet boobs o'mine.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

4 Year old is at school and for once managed not to fall over. This is a cause for rejoicing. Husband is at the Jobcentre and Baby is enthralled by the wonderful Peppa pig. I love Peppa Pig purely for this reason.

I feel shortchanged as my Mother can't come round today so i'll have to actually pretend to do some parenting, on.my.own. Bugger. I wonder if I can find any more Peppa Pig...

I'm tired and unimpressed. Baby decided it would be a good thing to once again feed every hour throughout the night. Baby is actually 26 months old. Yes. I'm one of those mums & I don't even like lentils.

I tried to covet my boobs just for myself this morning, mine mine all mine. Baby was not impressed and commenced operation cryathon. I gave in eventually. I always do. Thus rendering entire attempt at being stern totally useless and without a point. Double Bugger. I'm great at making baby cry for something I refuse to give, then when she's all snotty and pouty I give it to her anyway. I think mayhaps i'm a closet sadist. Oh well, it passes the time.

Baby pig is demanding cuddles. Snort.


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