Thursday, 27 November 2008

I'm sure there is a latent irony in reading about all the quaint 'Good Mother' activities you could be doing with your spawn, whilst you allow them to sit conversing with The Wiggles, that happen to be on the TV..........and have been for most of the day.

If these activities are so simple, why is it I still never get round to doing them? Do people really spontaneously whilst grinning like a maniac with their gnarly toenails poking out of birkenstocks in winter gather up their spawn and set up treasure hunts and dare I say, go on outdoor escapades all in the name of fun? It's grim outside. Then again it's always grim, this is Lancashire. Collecting Autumnal artifacts could easily turn into a treacherous game of mind the dog shit whilst dodging the fat grey rain that falls like dead bodies.

I do try, honest. I tried painting but never again, i quite like my kitchen units white thank you. I tried baking yet got overly anal and tetchy when The Child deemed it would be a good idea to mix so furiously half the mixture ends up on him, me, The Baby and the kitchen floor (Of Doom). Then there's the craft time, only The Child is a little over zealous with the glitter and my god you'll find glitter, several weeks after the event in places you forgot you even had (however it does add a new sparkle to find the sausage, ahem. Silver lining and all.)

I convince myself that whilst I'm a sloven and slattern-like house wife who is allergic to housework with a deadly addiction to the internet, my children are learning the vital art of entertaining themselves.

Is it really so criminal to have your catchphrase being 'in a minute!, just a tick!' whilst inwardly groaning at the prospect of yet another mindless game of rolling toy cars across the carpet and lining them up at the other end?

They seem happy enough. & oh how they're loved. I think they love me too, sometimes.


  1. Since several members of my family work in TV I find it tough to see it as the work of the devil... Hey my brother did nothing but watch Transformers growing up and now he writes cartoons for a living so think of it as research ;)

    I must admit that my daughter has now started repeating my old catch-phrase "let me just do this one thing" back to me when I try to get her to do something!

  2. oh I fully agree, The Child is genius and his best friend is the TV, taught him to speak far better then i did (& much less colourfully, language wise)

  3. I do the treasure hunts, the craft, the baking & the painting etc. I actually thought that everyone did it too, but am coming round to the fact that I'm the weirdo ... This morning, I'm tired & our activities have consisted of Dora on tv & reading toddler books under the duvet in bed, so I'm not creative every day :-P

  4. *L* you have two girls, if i had two girls i'd maybe be more prone to doing this stuff more often too.


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