In the still of the night.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

At some point in the night, a small sigh punctuates the darkness as her perfect hands knead and fetter upon my spine. I shift feeling her warmth, a jig-saw perfect fit as she completes me. Turning towards her, nimble fingers grab and need against me until she finds her bounty and settles into the slow rhythmic suckle of a midnight snack. Her perfection is like pure sunshine glittering on to the night. I love her. I tell her so. I tell her again in tender whispers. She murmurs back. She loves me too.

I still love her two hours later, and two hours after that. I just don't like her as much those times.

I lay adrift in the night with only the digital display of the alarm clock for light as it mocks the passing of my life minute by minute. I Fade into the lullaby of her breaths and wait for sleep or morning, which ever claims me first.

I should miss The Husband in my bed but I think I'd miss The Baby more. He shall share my bed until we're creaking and old, until we sleep and do not wake. & She shall share my bed until she sleeps through the night finally or drives me utterly insane, whichever comes first.


  1. That was so lovely and sums up perfectly the joy of allowing your babies into your bed.

  2. Doesn't it just? Though i'm not convinced with the latest two hourly feeds afterall she is nearly 27 months!


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