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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

As much as I love him, I don't much like The Husband sometimes. These sometimes are vastly becoming mostimes. I abhor the way he so easily exists in this horrid life unto which because of him we've been thrust and forced to live in. I'm irritated by how unaffected and complacent he is with life and I begin to wonder, will he ever rescue us from this? Does he even want to?

I'm more then a little envious with the ease and luxury he has to exit on a hard evening when the children are being hellspawn knowing that I as always, will deal with it purely because I have to.

The Children adore him however one night this week when he attempted to settle the Baby she came up with this pearl "Go away Daddy. I don't like you" I stopped myself from agreeing but I did allow myself a somewhat churlish smile that I bit down upon in the dark. He responded with "I thought we were friends?" to which she proclaimed "No. Not anymore" Oh how my private audience in my head clapped.

She loves him really. Just like me. We just like to pretend we don't sometimes. It's a bit like playing Happy Families only without the Happiness.


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