Bah Humbug.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Husband (AKA Bah Humbug) begrudgingly ventured into The Loft of Doom today to get down our meager and measly Christmas trimmings. This literally consists of a very small and tatty cheap tree (Just looking at it makes me need a drink just to commiserate with the poor tree and share it's woe at being so, well, naff) and some very tangled lights.

This year is The Baby's first Christmas that she'll actually be aware of seeing as she's now Two. However, I'm rather perplexed at her galloping around the room, trouserless whilst singing very loudly 'Happy Birthday to You!' at the tree and the lights and the small inflatable snowman that no matter how much you kick and punch will not lie down an die. Oh the hours of fun.

Happy days, a Christmas with a probably Satanist, a probably Pagan and two very crazy Heathen children.

Still, I do love fairy lights.


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