Saturday, 27 September 2008

Why do we get married? is it really to celebrate the meeting of two destined souls? the completion of your soul jigsaw and the ying to your yang? Or is it just the next socially expected step in a relationship? Maybe it's just an excuse for a big party and a hoard of gifts?

Does a piece of paper really affirm a commitment more then a private 'I love you' and 'I want to be with you' ?

Do we marry to consecrate our commitment or is it really a tactic to get our SO to prove their commitment to us?

Do we wait a lifetime waiting for someone to make that commitment to us that finding someone who'll love us enough to marry us becomes more important then how much we actually love them? is the desire to be wanted that much and needed that much used to validate our existence?

Do we judge our personal success through managing to be smugly married? Is there something so wrong with not being married? Is there an innate fear of being single and unmarriable?

Have you ever asked yourself was it the wedding you wanted or was it the actual man as an individual? Did you want to be married and the love came secondary? Was it the man that made us want marriage or do we base our choice of man on the probability of them wanting to marry us.

What happens when you're married and you love, but you're not in love?

Is love enough? Will it see us through forever? Or will it forever make our hearts feel short changed and guiltily compromised? Can a person live happily being loved without being 'in love' right back?

Is marriage really the answer to the insecure and need our own family sisterhood out there?


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