Saturday, 27 September 2008

What is true forgiveness? Do we ever truly forgive or do we just neuter the hurt and aggression into a passive feeling then bury it under the patio along with the proverbial ex's?

Sorry is one of those words, a bit like love and hate that is easy to say, too easy in fact. It's a near verbal reflex at times it's looser then your ex best friend and about as useful as your great aunt's fix-all 'why don't we have a cup of tea and sit down'.

Like any statement it's empty unless the speaker imbues it with meaning.

Sure we may accept the rudimentary sorry's for being knocked, pushed and accidentally tripped over in our day to day lives but what about the things that matter. What is harder, to Say sorry and mean it or to accept it being said to you and meaning it when you say you forgive?

Do we mistake forgiveness for mere acceptance of being wronged?

Do we store up all the sorry's we've been given along with the firgiveness we've doled out so that we can use them as ammunition for the next world war in relatinships? We all do it, we argue with our Dh's (how apt that it could as easily be darling husband as it could be dick head, one and the same perhaps?) we aim precision missiles of their wrongdoings of the past right where it hurts, bam, bam, bam. Just like that. Does true forgiveness mean never using it against them? To truly forgive do we have to actually forget, or is pretending we've forgoton enough?


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