Saturday, 27 September 2008

If you could only have honesty or trust in your relationship which would you choose? Do you trust your partner enough to not have to be honest all the time? Or do you need their honesty because you can't trust them?

Does there really exist different types of lies from those that would cause more hurt then harm to tell , that would implode life as we know it? What about those little discrepancies that are meaningless, lack lustre and have little to no bearing on our hearts and minds? Should we still confess these even though the actual momentary lie itself would take infinitely longer to confess?

Is confession really the right thing? Do we confess to purely to alleviate our own inescapable and all consuming guilt to transfer and transcribe the emotions from our self to another ? If our confessions would only cause emotional or mental deterioration to our relationship, is it in fact crueler to bare all? What's done is done and is it not excruciatingly vile to pain someone we love over something that happened that they cannot change?

Where do we draw the line? If we bare all are we on a higher plane of relationship enlightenment so we can trophy ourselves among the smug 'oh we have no secrets do we darling? we tell each other everything' brigade?

What if honest isn't the best policy? & yet what if we cannot trust without honesty?

How do we determine whether honesty will build or break the trust? Is it possible to have varying degrees of honesty and how to we attribute to what level of honesty we go to within a given situation?

Is it worse to not trust your partner or to not trust yourself? Do you trust yourself to know what the right thing is?

If we have a policy to 100% honesty would it ever prevent us from doing something which we'd later need to lie about?

Do you trust your partner enough to accept they will lie and to not question this?


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