Saturday, 27 September 2008

Is happiness something we create, something we find or is it simply just something that 'is' ? If we dismantle it's origins do we dissect the very bones from which is rose from? Does it help to find happiness if you are perpetually happy and in turn are the eternal pessimists immune from ever finding it?

"Cheer up!" how does one exactly does one go about cheering up? Is it really as simple as deciding to be happy? Is the key to happiness really as simplistic as simply choosing to be happy? In that vain would it also go to Say that those that are sad are choosing to be sad?

& I have to wonder is happiness really such a fickle fellow that it can dart and weave in and out of our lives with equally devastating and unspecific prowess? is it a case of if you look for it hard enough you can catch it and pin it to your heart or are we really to play dumb and pretend we're not indeed looking for it with the hope it will whack us round the side of the head when we least expect it to?

Of course, there's always the question posed of should we actually find happiness what on earth do we do with it? Will feeding and clothing it really bond it to us longer or like your stereotypical ex will it make you smile then kick your life in teeth leaving your life with a slam of the door and dirty size 9 footprints on your new carpet?


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