Thursday, 25 September 2008

Through trying to prove that we're more then 'Just A Mum' are we irreversibly eradicating the essential maternal instinct and the irreplaceable role of 'Mum'? Are we trying so hard to be more then a mum that we're actually becoming lesser mums?

How is it that it is now fashionable for childless woman to be responsible for the children whilst economically privileged mothers try and re-enact their position in society sans children? It would appear that parenting has become a trophy or a badge that once earned requires minimal upkeep where the hard work can be conveniently passed onto the 'hired help' and the progress and development can be gloated about with gluttonous confidence and over glamorised (& embellished) involvement over childless soirees and quaint suppers. A hello in morning and a hello before bed if they're lucky whilst the 'nanny' does the mothering elbow deep in nappies.

Career, check. Wedding, check. House and cars, check. Natural progression obviously is babies.

Is the growing trend of full time with overtime working mothers destroying the structure and importance of family as we know it? Could it be attributing to the decline in behaviour and the increase in emotional retentiveness in youths?

Or are we just taking another ride on the big old wheel of social fashion, will in time being a parent that practises parenting be the new black?


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